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The world is full of girls dreaming of being London escorts. They seem to think it is easy money but it is not. Being an escort is not an easy job at all, I would even call it an art form. You are in a people’s business and the art is knowing how to look after people. Escorts are expected to be many things.

So, you think you would like to join an escorts agency? Think again, and fill in the job application on the web site. It may sound a bit strange but many escorts agencies now insist that you fill in a job application and apply for a job. The majority of escorts agencies in London are sophisticated affairs, and do not accept just anybody on to their books.

Qualified Escorts

The girls who apply for jobs these days need to be qualified as well as good looking. Yes, dates like their sexy companions but a lot more is expected of your average escort these days.

The dates that many agencies deal with are very sophisticated so they expect to be “handled” and treated in a certain way. These guys are prepared to spend a lot of money on a sexy companion, and you need to know how to live up to a certain standard.

Honesty Matters

Honesty is very important in this game. If you have a special skill you must be able to demonstrate it and prove it. It is okay to do the talk but you need to be able to walk the walk as well.

The escorts business is not that different from acting and modelling, you have either got it or you don’t. Another thing about escorts, they have to be nice. Many of the dates are very lonely and they need to be able to handle them with care and compassion. Escorts may even date handicapped people and most of the girls love to take care of people with disabilities.

Another common date is the international business man. Most business men suffer from stress very badly and you sort of need to be able to slow down. Sometimes when they go on a date, they are so stressed that they don’t know if they are coming or going.


A lot of escorts have added extra skills to their menus, and some of them have even trained as professional massage therapists. That is a really valuable skill to have as many international business men appreciate a good quality massage after a hard day’s work. However, you would be pleasantly surprised at the range of skills some of the girls have. Most of them are very good with their hands, so anything which aches or feels tense, they are very good at dealing with on a personal basis.

So, if you think you have got what it takes to be an escort, fill in the job application and be ready for an interview. It is not as easy as it seems, and most agencies in London and elsewhere are looking for quality team members.

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