Life difficulties brings us success in life

I could never be this happy if not because of all the struggles i went through in life. Everything happens for a reason and those struggles made us who we are now. I am so glad that with everything that is happening to me now is because i never give up. I am thankful that even though many people doubt my capabilities to become a successful person at the end of the day I made it. Before i became a London escort i went in lots of hard times that almost killed my hopes. When i was a child, we barely eat three times a day. Sometimes we fall asleep being so hungry. For me, those times shape me now. Being a London escort gives me an opportunity to do what i really want in life. I became a London escort from because someone has taught me one thing, to always hold for hopes. I met a London escort named Angela when i was a young girl. She is not just a beautiful person; she has a golden heart to everyone who is suffering too much. We always get help from her every time, and she never gets tired of helping people like us. One time because of my curiosity, i asked this London escort why she is so concerned about us, and her response was a goose bumps. I never thought that she came from a poor family, she was belittle and been down by a lot of people. She told me that those times makes her realized that she has to strive a lot harder to prove to those people that she can make it which she definitely did. At that moment, i know what i want to grow up. I want to become a London escort, and if given a chance i will also do what she had done to people like me. I was 18 years old when my mom died, my father left us and goes find another man, i still have three sisters to feed and don’t know what to do at that moment. Since i am now an adult, i can now work and find a job. Luckily, i was hired to become a London escort and I’m so glad that finally my dreams starting to come true and im on my first step. The salary was fair enough to rent a house and buy our needs. I’m so glad that working as a London escort helps me to slowly achieves my dreams. I bought a new house for us; send my siblings to school and now experiencing a class life. I never thought i would be given this chance in life and that is why i am giving back to people. I am thankful for the woman who gave me a lesson that no matter how hard life could be, giving up is not an option at all. I became one of the top rated London escort in town. I am now an inspiration and im passing what i learned in life to the next generation.

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