Sex addiction

Information On Sex Addiction

Most people are usually confused about sex and misinterpret an addictive behavior with sex. Using sex as a way of relieving anxiety and stress is not the same thing as using sex for its real purpose. Sex addiction is just like any other addiction; one is using sex to avoid dealing and facing their real feelings.

Sex addiction usually masks an underlying issue. When someone is anxious, they cannot wait to get a remedy. Once you have had the remedy, you are okay for a short time until you build the apprehension again and you have to go for your sexual fix again.

Very few people have love and sex connected. In a healthy relationship, people are connected at the heart while they take part in sexually activity. They are truly making love and expressing their thoughts for one another through sexual intercourse. The closeness they both share enriches their sexual experience and emotional life.

A good and healthy relationship needs trust, love and openness. The real character of sex is sacred. This shows that you will be able to reach heaven on earth via sexual intercourse. To enjoy sex, you need to be relaxed which is the opposite of being anxious. This therefore indicates that for you to have incredible sex, you have to reduce your anxiety.

Because you have been using sex as a way to reduce your anxiety, now is the time to reclaim your sexual self. Learn how to relax and love yourself so that you can have energy flow in your body. When you are excited about something, allow your energy to build up, do not just release and have an orgasm. Your sexual energy needs to increase throughout your whole body for it to flow from your feet to your fingers. When your energy is flowing to these places, you are going to have a full body orgasm. Developing your feelings is going to enhance your sexual experience. It is through your expressive feelings that your physical personality as well as erotic capability will increase. What this shows is that you need to open up your heart.

As seen above, sex addiction can be termed as the need to engage in sexual acts to get some kind of fix. Sex addiction can be really dangerous and quite destructive. It affects the mental health of someone, their personal relationships and quality of life. However, you need to know that there is a difference between sex addiction and healthy sex as denoted above. Visit at