The girls pay a lot for their boudoirs – London escorts


Who dates in London these days? Tina is the owner of a leading London escorts agency, and she says that she has seen the industry change a lot in recent years. When I first started dating with another agency, many of the gents who visited me were locals. Now, says Tina, a lot of the gents who use the agency are from abroad. It is incredible how many gents from abroad visit London regularly. Many take advantage of excellent escorts agencies that have sprung up around the center of London.

The only problem is, says Shy, that many of the local men who used to date London escorts seem a bit put out. Prices have gone up in line with demand, and many local men can’t afford to date in London anymore. I feel a bit guilty, says Tina, but everything is so expensive, and I have not had a choice other than to put up my prices. I would like to have kept them down, but London is now so expensive to run a business. The girls pay a lot for their boudoirs, so they need to spend, and I have to pay for my offices.


A lot of the gents who date London escorts these days are from places like Dubai. It seems that many gents from Dubai and Saudi like to take advantage of the more relaxed atmosphere in London, and let their hair down on their frequent visit, smiles Tina. We don’t mind that at all, says Tina with a big smile on her face. They are always the perfect gents, and they like to spend a lot of time with the girls. Many of the gents book a date lasting for the duration of their visit.


Recently, I have recruited some Russian speaking girls as well. It seems that London is getting to be a bit of a hot spot for Russians and Russian men. Many of these gents have heard about London escorts and would like to have their own experience with a girl. The only problem is, says Tina, that a lot of them do not speak English. It is the main reason I have decided to recruit Russian speaking girls. So far, it has paid off, and I think that I may even see if I can recruit some more Russian ladies.


Will I be in the escorts business in a few years? I don’t know, I enjoy running London escorts like, says Tina, but I think that I fancy doing something else in a few years. At the moment, I am looking into several enterprises online, and I hope I will find something which suits me soon. It may be lingerie, or it may be something else. A friend of mine launched a call center, and she is doing well. That is something else to see. The adult entertainment industry in London is, after all, booming at the moment.

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