When I met my husband to be, I had a bit of “versatile’ past as I like to say

My first job had been with London escorts. After that, I had used the experience I gained at London escorts to go to set up shop as Sugar Babe in London like https://londonxcity.com/escorts/. When I met my Mike, my now husband to be, I was not involved with outcall escorts but I certainly had a very successful career as a Sugar Babe. There was something special about Mike and I could sense that right away. When I met him, I was actually at what I call my “cover job”. Clearly, you don’t want to tell anybody that you work for a London escorts, or as a Sugar Babe, so you normally have some kind of job which allows you to cover up where you are getting your income from. I started my cover in a supermarket when I had been with London escorts for a couple, and I have been there ever since. As far as Mike is concerned, I am the girl who works on the flower counter in the local superstore. Mike was different from the men I had met at London escorts and dated as a Sugar Babe. He was a pilot and been single for ages since his last relationship had failed. We got to know each other slowly but I realised that telling him about my London escorts career was not the thing to do. He took his job very seriously and even managed part of the fleet for a major airline. To be honest, I was not sure what he saw in me at all, and when he proposed to me six months later, I almost choked on my cappuccino. He did not push me for an answer right away, but how could I say know. Not only was I in love with the guy, I knew that I would be financially secure for the rest of my life. So far, I had managed to explain away things like my one bedroom flat, and nice car. But, my past was playing on my mind, and I knew that I was living a lie. What would I do if Mike found that I used to work for a London escorts service and most of my money came from being a professional Sugar Babe? It would be something that he would not be able to accept, and after a couple of months together, I took down my Sugar Babe profile on the site. If our relationship failed, I knew I could always go back to it.I don’t know how I feel about our relationship now. Yes, I love him to bits but I feel so guilty about not telling him about London escorts. A lot of girls who have worked for escort agencies in London have the same problem. Most of them elect not to tell their partners. As soon as I realised Mike was the one, I sold all of the trappings of my former careers. The handbags and bling are both gone, but deep inside, I live with this secret which is dying to come out. One of my former London escorts said it is a mindset, and I need to change my mindset to believe I have always been the supermarket flower girl. He must never know.

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